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Deep Freezer

The Deep Freezers include Stainless Steel body Deep Freezer.


  • This deep fridge can be used as deep freezer with less than -18 ℃ freezing temperature and/or be converted to be used as Deep refrigerator(Deep cooler, Deep chiller) with 0~10 ℃ chilling temperature.
  • The Deep deep freezer & Deep refrigerator are with continuously regulated adjustable freezing & chilling temperature for the storage of different kinds of goods like ice cream, frozen food, beverage & drinks, fresh & frozen meat, dairy, milk etc.
  • The Deep freezer is powerful and fast freezing
  • Convenient use
  • The Cake Bakery Showcase Chiller is an elegant designed bakery case
  • Our Deep Deep Freezers can be used as Commercial Refrigerator like for food service, catering, restaurant, kitchen, supermarket, retail store, retail chain, grocery shop, beverage, drink, ice-cream parlor, mineral water, etc. for both commercial purpose or domestic home use